An Event Driven Approach to Investing

Wickhams Hill uses an event-driven approach to complement our fundamental research process and look for changing situations where there is an informational, analytical or behavioral advantage.

Working Backwards From The Catalyst

Time and resources are a core limitation of any fundamental research process. In our view, the conventional approach of screening based on fundamentals undermines the analytical process and also gives no consideration to timing.

Using an event or catalyst as a starting point allows us to originate ideas across a broad investment universe that are immediately relevant allows for a flexible analytical process to determine whether the idea is actionable.

Originating Ideas in Emerging Asia

Southeast Asia is often lumped together with broad Global Emerging Markets or Asia Pacific mandates, warranting just a small allocation in the overall portfolio. We’ve found that resources of fund managers are typically allocated to larger markets like China and India, with little attention paid to what’s happening in Southeast Asia, particularly beyond the larger index names.

Despite the region being neglected in a global context, the local markets are vibrant with trading activity dominated by local retail investors and institutions. Our focus on events allows us to apply a rigorous analytical process to situations where there are structural changes and filter the noise of local news flow.

We are transparent about our approach and share our ideas as we discover them in the weekly Under The Radar report as well as Deep Dive reports into specific companies and themes.